Trigger Cloud 80 Freeride Adult Skates Black


High quality complete freeskate skates for freeride, touring and slalom skating. Inline skates ideal for children over 10 and adults.

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Trigger introduces the Cloud 80, a high-performance inline skate for hitting the streets of your city.

The Cloud 80 inline skates are sturdy skates that offer excellent ankle support thanks to its rigid ergonomic shell while providing optimum comfort with its thermoformable foam padded boot and its heel shock absorber.

These skates are suitable for beginners with its included brake as well as for advanced skaters who want to learn slalom, slides and jumps.

The high quality 6061-T6 extruded aluminum deck is both light and strong and allows you to change its position to suit your own skating style; it is equipped with one-handed operation screws for easy maintenance.

The four 80mm high quality polyurethane inline wheels with 50% rebound rate and Abec 7 bearings give you a fast and enjoyable glide.

The top buckle is made of aluminum to resist shocks even in case of frequent falls and the kick buckle has a micrometric tightening to be as precise as efficient.

Replacement parts (buckles, side protection sliders and wheels) are available separately so these Trigger Cloud 80 Rollerblades will last you for years to come.

Please choose your usual size for responsive rollerblades suitable for tricks. Opt for a size larger than your usual size to find a good compromise between freeskating and touring. If you want skates that won't pinch your feet when you're out and about, choose two sizes larger.

To fit the brake, simply replace the two rear axles with the threaded axles supplied in the bag, then add the four screws above the brake.

Sold in pairs, with brake and Allen key included. 

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Data sheet

Available sizes
36 EU / 3 US / 2 UK / 21 cm
37 EU / 4 US / 3 UK / 22 cm
38 EU / 5 US / 4 UK / 23 cm
39 EU / 6 US / 5 UK / 24 cm
40 EU / 7 US / 6 UK / 25 cm
41 EU / 8 US / 7 UK / 26 cm
42 EU / 9 US / 8 UK / 27 cm
43 EU / 10 US / 9 UK / 27,5 cm
44 EU / 10.5 US / 9.5 UK / 28 cm
45 EU / 11 US / 10 UK / 29 cm
46 EU / 12 US / 11 UK / 30 cm
Shell sizes
36-38 EU / 3-5 US / 2-4 UK / 21-23 cm
39-40 EU / 6-7 US / 5-6 UK / 24-25 cm
41-42 EU / 8-9 US / 7-8 UK / 26-27 cm
43-44 EU / 10-10.5 US / 9-9.5 UK / 27,5-28 cm
45-46 EU / 11-12 US / 10-11 UK / 29-30 cm
Design of the Coque
Trigger Cloud Hard-boot shell
by Chausson
Removable Trigger Cloud liner with high-quality thermoformable foams
Models of Cucks
Trigger Cloud Buckles Black
Buckles material
Aluminum and nylon
Maintenance of the foot
Micrometric Trigger Cloud Kick Buckles Black
Side protection
Interchangeable Black Trigger Cloud Side Protection Sliders
Models of platinum
Trigger Cloud Frames
Frames material
Extruded aluminum 6061-T6
The length of platinum
243 mm (US 3-9), 255 mm (US 10-10.5) and 268 mm (US 11-12)
The platinum axis
One hand operation 8 mm screw for 4 mm Allen key
Model of wheels
Trigger Cloud Black Wheels
Diameter of wheels
3.14" / 80 mm
The width of the wheels
0.94" / 24 mm
Hardness of wheels
Profiles of wheels
Round profile with 10 mm riding surface
Quality of wheels
High quality polyurethane : 50% HR (High Rebound)
The interior area
Ergonomic Trigger Cloud Insoles
Wheel core diameter
1.7" / 43 mm
Wheels core material
The maximum wheel diameter
80 mm
Models of Rolling
Trigger Precision ABEC 7 Bearings
The shock absorber
Black Trigger Cloud Shock absorbers included
Trigger Cloud Black Round 5mm Shoelaces
The model of the brake
Trigger Cloud brake included with hardware
Clé Allen
4mm Allen key included
Weight of the product
1560g (US 9)
Maximum weight of riding
100 kg
Age of rider
Over 10 years old and adults
Practice level
Beginner to advanced
Frequency of practice
Occasional to regular
Product condition
Quality standard
These skates comply with the technical requirements of the European standard EN13843
3 years
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