Terms and conditions of www.triggerextremesports.com website:

1. Applicability

These general conditions apply to:

- The international purchase of products of the TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS brand made on the website: www.triggerextremesports.com.
- The use of information, documents, images, films, features, soundtracks and / or other services appearing on the website: www.triggerextremesports.com.

2. Order / Buy on our website

In order to be able to place an order on our website www.triggerextremesports.com, you must:

- be 16 years of age or over;

How to order

To be able to place an order, you must have an e-mail address and set your browser so that it accepts both cookies and pop-ups, in order to be able to fully use the website www .triggerextremesports.com.

This includes adding items to your cart and paying for your order.

It is easy to order on the website www.triggerextremesports.com:

- Find the products you want,
- Add the products to your basket,
- Check your order,
- Choose from delivery and billing options,
- Confirm your order,
- Pay your order,
- Receive a confirmation of your order on your e-mail address.

By clicking on the "Confirm order" button, you send us your order as it appears on the last screen of the ordering process. Once the order has been registered, a confirmation message will automatically appear on the site, indicating the order number and details of the products purchased. The purchase contract is now concluded.

A copy of the automatic order confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail address. We recommend that you print or download this document for future reference. We explicitly reserve the right not to accept your order or to cancel the purchase contract after automatic order confirmation.

Our right to refuse your order or cancel the purchase contract

We reserve the right to refuse an order for any reason whatsoever. We also reserve the right to cancel any purchase (an order that we have already accepted) in the following situations (among others), without being held responsible for any damages or costs incurred:

- The product is not available / in stock (any payment will be refunded),
- Your bank details are not correct or cannot be verified,
- Your order is identified by our security systems as being unusual or susceptible to fraud,
- We have not received your payment by bank transfer within 12 calendar days of accepting your order,
- We have reason to believe that you are under 16,
- We have reason to believe that you are a reseller,
- The price indicated contained an error,
- We were unable to deliver to the address you gave us.

Data control

When you send us your order, we may check it before processing it. These checks may concern your address, your creditworthiness and the verification of the absence of fraud.

Regarding this last point: we perform partially automated checks on all purchases in order to filter out unusual or suspicious transactions, or transactions that may be identified as susceptible to fraud. Any suspected fraud will be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted. By submitting your order, you agree to these terms.

3. Price / Payment

Payment methods

You will find the available payment methods in the Payment section of the relevant website www.triggerextremesports.com. We do not accept any method of payment other than those mentioned in the Payment section, as our system is not designed to process other methods of payment. Please do not attempt to pay by any method of payment other than those mentioned in the Payment section. If you use another payment method, we cannot be held responsible for the loss of payment or any other damage that may result from this act.

Payment processing

Payments can only be processed if the billing details are verified.

If you pay by credit card / credit card, you will be charged as soon as your order is confirmed.

Please note that if you pay by bank transfer, we will make delivery after we receive your payment. This can take several days. If no payment has been received within 12 business days from the date of your order, your purchase will be canceled.

Price and currency

The prices of the products indicated on the Internet site www.triggerextremesports.com include the Value Added Tax (VAT) in the countries of the European Union.

Shipping costs are due for each order placed. The exact amount of shipping costs depends on the country to which your order is shipped and the amount of your order.

The prices are indicated and due in Euros.

Your total price

The total price shown on the last screen of the payment process includes taxes and shipping costs. The prices are also indicated in the confirmation of receipt of your order (which you can print or download for future reference).

If you are paying by credit / debit card, the total amount of your order will appear on your bank statement in the currency of your country. Please transfer the exact amount mentioned on the order confirmation and proceed by separate transfer for each order, using the unique reference number indicated in your order confirmation.

Price changes

The prices of products appearing on the website www.triggerextremesports.com are subject to change. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. Subject to clause 3 above, the prices appearing at the time of purchase are the prices applicable to that purchase. Please transfer the exact amount mentioned on the order confirmation and proceed by separate transfer for each order, using the unique reference number indicated in your order confirmation.

Pricing errors

Please note that although the website www.triggerextremesports.com has been compiled with care, the prices listed on our website www.triggerextremesports.com may contain errors. We are in no way bound by our offer and we reserve the right to cancel your purchase when this occurs such an error.

4. Security of transactions

TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS has implemented a process for securing transactions, the SSL ("secure socket layer") protocol, which is currently one of the most solid encryption platforms. Your payment details are encrypted the moment you enter them until the transaction is complete. They are in no way saved on a public server. Although we use encrypted security software, the security of information and payments transmitted over the Internet or via e-mail cannot be guaranteed. TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the use of electronic means of communication, including - but not limited to - damages resulting from a failure or delay in the transmission of electronic communications, the '' interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and for the transmission of viruses.

5. Shipping and delivery


We ship products Monday to Saturday. We do not ship on public holidays. We can only process an order if the delivery address is a personal or professional address in one of the countries mentioned in the available list.

Delivery delay

For the delivery of items, we offer delivery with the most relevant partner for your delivery address including UPS or GLS. We try to meet delivery times as far as is commercially reasonable. We usually do this, but cannot guarantee delivery of products within the specified time frame.

For any delay in delivery, please contact us through the Contact Us section.

Split delivery

If possible, we try to deliver in one go.

Delivery inspection

Upon delivery, please check the packaging to see if the products are damaged. If it appears that the products are damaged, please do not accept the delivery. We will refund the purchase price of the products and all delivery costs to you as soon as the deposit has registered the return of your order. Please also note that you must inspect the products within a reasonable time of receipt. We will consider that you have accepted the products unless you have notified us within 30 days of receipt.

6. Shipping costs

Shipping costs are due for each order placed. The exact amount of shipping costs is calculated according to the country of delivery.

Free delivery

If your order exceeds € 90, the shipping costs are free in Metropolitan France and reduced for the rest of the countries.

7. Cancellations and returns

Order cancellation before delivery

You have the possibility to cancel any order for products, free of charge and without giving any reason, provided that it has not already been shipped. If you have submitted an order and wish to cancel it, please check the status of your order first by clicking on the Order link at the bottom of the website www.triggerextremesports.com. If the status of your order is "Pending", we may still be able to cancel your order; contact us by email through the Contact Us section to request an order cancellation. Our Customer Service representatives will ask warehouse staff to cancel your order. If they can accommodate your request, they will send you a confirmation email and the cancellation will be free.

Return defective products after delivery

You have the right to return products delivered to you if they are defective or not in accordance with your order when you receive them. After noticing the defect, you have two months to return the product (s) concerned. This does not affect your legal rights in any way. If your complaint is justified, the purchase price and shipping costs will be refunded to you.

Return products after delivery fo any reason

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered, you can return them to us within 30 days of delivery, without giving any reason, provided that :
- The products have not been washed or used in any way,
- The product is intact and in its original packaging (carefully opened packaging will not be considered damaged packaging),
- The product is complete, for example: both items of a pair must be returned.

You cannot return us:

- Products that have been tampered with,
- Products that have been worn,
- Products that you have damaged yourself,

Exchange a product

To obtain another color, size or any other product, contact us by e-mail via the Contact us section.

Refund information

If you return defective or non-conforming products to your order, we will pay the postage and return costs.

If you return items for reasons other than defect or non-compliance with your order, you will be responsible for paying the cost of the return.

Refunds will be made by bank transfer. You must indicate your bank details (RIB and BIC) to Customer Service when returning your order. We can then refund the amount directly to your account.

You will receive the refund once the product is returned and registered at the deposit.

How to return a product

For Metropolitan France, please contact us by e-mail via the Contact us section to obtain a return slip in order to drop off the appropriately packaged products at the post office.

For other countries, please contact us by e-mail through the Contact Us section to obtain the delivery address for returning products.

8. Conditions applicable to Pre-ordered products

The Pre-order is the procedure allowing you to order a product before its launch date on the market.

Due to the nature of Pre-orders, Pre-ordered products are subject to the following specific conditions: Delivery Pre-Ordered products are intended to be delivered prior to their market launch date, provided that we have received your payment on time. The actual delivery times depend on when the product is available in our warehouse. Standard delivery times apply from the time the Pre-Ordered product is available in our warehouse.

Payment of Pre-ordered products

Your payment will be debited upon receipt of your order (or, in the case of a bank transfer, as soon as possible).

We will not initiate the execution of your order until we have received payment.

For bank transfers, this may mean that the delivery will take place later than what is indicated in the previous point.

Separate deliveries of Pre-ordered products

Pre-ordered products are shipped separately. They will not be shipped with any conventional products you may have ordered.

Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions on our part, Pre-orders will appear in your confirmation email and in the status of your online order under the “shipped items” category. This is incorrect. Please ignore this information. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation once the product has been shipped.

Pre-ordered product launch date

You can find the expected market launch date for your Pre-Ordered product on the product description page.

9. Condition

When used in accordance with its terms, a promotional code entitles the user to an exceptional promotion / discount for the purchase of a single product or the ordering of multiple products during the period indicated on the promotional code. 

Promotional codes are personal, non-transferable and can only be used in direct connection with online purchase on the website www.triggerextremesports.com.

You cannot sell, barter, or give away a promotional code. You may not upload or make available a promotional code on any website or through any other public offer, donation, sale or barter. You cannot use promotional codes for commercial purposes.

The promotional code is linked to the TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS brand. You may not use the promotional code with any other brand, company or name, nor use the promotional code in any way that is unlawful, abusive, disrespectful, or in any other manner that could damage the reputation of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS.

Only one promotional code can be used per order. Promotional codes cannot be combined with any other special offer.

Promotional codes are not redeemable for cash. TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS is under no obligation to reissue or refund promotional codes. However, if we decided to reissue or refund a promo code, we would need your promo code to do so.

Please keep a copy, as this promotional code will not be reissued or replaced in the event of loss. Without prejudice to any other rights held by TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS, we have the right to immediately cancel a promotional code if we have reason to believe that a promotional code is being used in violation of the foregoing or that it is being misused. or if we have other reasons to do so.

10. Availability

The processing of all orders placed on the website www.triggerextremesports.com is subject to availability. We try to ensure that all items offered for sale are in stock. However, we reserve the right to refuse any order or cancel any approved order if the products are sold out. In such a case, we will notify you by email and all payments will be refunded. If you have more than one item in your cart, the rest of the products in your order will be processed and out-of-stock items will not be shipped. You will receive an email notification informing you of the status of the order.

11. Validity of offers

Offers on the website www.triggerextremesports.com are only valid as of the time they appear on the website www.triggerextremesports.com, unless a specific period is indicated on the website www.triggerextremesports.com.

We are under no obligation to comply with an offer if the content of the website www.triggerextremesports.com contains a spelling error, an incorrect price or any other incorrect or incorrect information. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase in the event of such error.

12. Liability

We (TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS) are only liable for damages that you have suffered, if such damages result from a breach by TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS of its contractual obligations to you, or if our liability arises from applicable law.

If you have suffered damage in connection with our activities on the website www.triggerextremesports.com, our liability will be limited to the following:

- Damage caused to TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS products or to any other material,
- The reasonable and demonstrable costs that you will have incurred in order to find the cause and the amount of the damage mentioned above,
- The reasonable and demonstrable costs you have incurred in order to prevent or minimize the damage mentioned above,
- The maximum amount of reimbursement for the damages mentioned above will be equal (if applicable) to the purchase price of the products concerned.

We cannot be held liable for any damage suffered by a third party resulting from the use of one of our products. We accept no responsibility for any damage resulting from the misuse of any of our products. We are not responsible for damages resulting from incorrect information on the website www.triggerextremesports.com.

If you suffer damage caused by gross misconduct or willful negligence on our part, none of the restrictions in this section will apply.

13. User Generated Content

If you send ideas, remarks, questions, data, graphics, reviews, creations, customizations, or other information (including info on bulletin boards, chat rooms or other forums on the website www.triggerextremesports.com), hereinafter “User Generated Content” on the website www.triggerextremesports.com or if you send this “User Generated Content” to TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS through the website www.triggerextremesports.com, this Content becomes the exclusive property of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS. “User Generated Content” is deemed non-confidential and we have the right to use or disclose it in any way, without obligation or notice. "User Generated Content" or any other information you submit to the www.triggerextremesports.com website must not be offensive, pornographic, defamatory, blasphemous, illegal or likely to violate the law. in force, whether under civil, criminal or religious law.

You agree that any content sent to our site is your own work and that it is not copied in whole or in part to a third party. Please do not send information intended to be kept confidential. TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS does not review and you agree that TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS has no obligation to review "User Generated Content", that it is in no way responsible for such content, that it does not does not guarantee accuracy, integrity or quality and that it cannot guarantee that no harmful, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, threatening, defamatory, illegal or otherwise objectionable content will appear on the website www.triggerextremesports.com.

You acknowledge that by allowing you to access and view User Generated Content on the website www.triggerextremesports.com, TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS is merely acting as a passive distribution intermediary and incurs no related obligation. to said content nor any liability related to the activities of users of the website www.triggerextremesports.com.

Without limiting the scope of the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that the information, documents and opinions expressed or included in User Generated Content are not necessarily those of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS, nor content providers. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS has the absolute right to monitor, at its sole discretion, User Generated Content posted on the www.triggerextremesports.com website. In addition, TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS reserves the right to modify, update, refuse to post or remove this content, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever or without reason, and to disclose this same content. as well as the circumstances relating to its transmission to a third party.

You agree that we are not obligated to use or respond to user-generated content. You agree that you must notify TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS immediately in writing if objectionable material appears on the website www.triggerextremesports.com. TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS will make good faith efforts to investigate claims that User Generated Content violates these terms and conditions but (a) does not guarantee you that it will modify, remove or continue to allow viewing. of specific User Generated Content, whether or not it is the subject of such claims, and (b) it will not be responsible for any review, removal or permission to continue posting user-generated content.

Any use of content on the www.triggerextremesports.com website, including, without limitation, user-generated content, will be at your own risk.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS is not responsible for any user-generated content that purports to provide medical advice or advice regarding physical training, exercises or diets. Always be sure to seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional about any questions you have about an illness or a physical training program.

You may not post or distribute on the website www.triggerextremesports.com any content that TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS considers, in its sole discretion, offensive, constituting harassment, threatening, defamatory, obscene, constituting a sham, fraudulent, misleading, equivocal. , violating a copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights of other content, disrespecting the rights to privacy and publicity, violating any other right of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS or of a third party, illegal or reprehensible towards TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS.

You may not upload commercial content to the www.triggerextremesports.com website, nor use it to entice people to join you or become members of another commercial department or other online organization.

You may be required to agree to additional terms of use and / or register before you can view or distribute user-generated content on the www.triggerextremesports.com website.

Use of information provided

To the extent that intellectual property rights exist for user-generated content, these rights will vest in TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS. To the extent that you own the intellectual property rights for User Generated Content, you will transfer them to TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS at the time you post such content on the website www.triggerextremesports.com or when you send it to TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS.

To the extent that the foregoing is not valid, or is insufficient to ensure the free use by TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS of User Generated Content, you agree and warrant that TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS is free to use (in whole or in part) user-generated content that you have posted, sent or created in connection with accessing the website www.triggerextremesports.com (or content in any communication that you may send to TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS or present on the website www.triggerextremesports.com), without notice, remuneration or acknowledgment of receipt, whatever the purpose, including, in particular, the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services and the creation, modification or improvement of the website www.triggerextremesports.com or other products and services.

You acknowledge and agree not to make any claim against TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS or any third party if they use any User Generated Content that you have created, posted or submitted within the meaning of the foregoing.

14. Applicable law

These general conditions, as well as all disputes resulting therefrom, including their validity, or which result from the use of the website www.triggerextremesports.com or from purchases made on the website www.triggerextremesports.com, are governed by French law.

15. Information on the website

Although TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS has developed the website www.triggerextremesports.com with the utmost care, the information, texts, documents, images, films, soundtracks and / or other services appearing on this site may contain errors. or whether they are incorrect or incomplete.

TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the website www.triggerextremesports.com (or the inability to use it), in particular damage caused by viruses or by the incorrect or incomplete nature of the information. , unless such damages are the result of willful misconduct or negligence on the part of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS.

16. Links to other sites

The website www.triggerextremesports.com provides links to external websites. TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS cannot be held responsible for the use or content of the websites to which it links.

17. Trademarks and copyrights on the website

All brand names, product names and titles mentioned on the website www.triggerextremesports.com are registered trademarks or trademarks of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS, trademarks owned by third parties or trademarks of their respective owners.

You are not authorized to use or reproduce any registered trademark or trademark mentioned on this site, as this constitutes a violation of the rights of the owners.

The entire design of the site, its texts, documents, films, soundtracks and / or other services, including the selection and arrangement of these, as well as all software compilations, the basic source code, the software and any other element appearing on this site are the copyright of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS or its suppliers.

You are permitted to electronically copy and print hard copies of extracts from this website www.triggerextremesports.com to the extent necessary to order from us or use this site to make purchases.

You are not authorized for any other use of the data and information contained on this site, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, modification, distribution or republication of data.

To be able to use elements or information contained on this site, you must obtain the prior consent of TRIGGER EXTREME SPORTS.

18. Legal notice

The Triggerextremesports.com website is published by Rainbow Skates SAS, a simplified share company whose head office is located at 230 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France.

Rainbow Skates SAS is registered with the registry of the Paris Commercial Court under:
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SIRET number (head office): 75308589300018
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Website host: OVH company located at 2, rue Kellermann, BP 80157, 59053 Roubaix cedex 1 France

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