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The "Close-Up" brand is a well-established name in finger skateboarding. It offers high-quality products that faithfully reproduce the skateboarding experience in miniature. With careful attention to detail and design, "Close-Up" products offer fingerboard enthusiasts the opportunity to assemble their own skateboard and perform tricks with great precision.

The fingerskateboard first appeared around 1985 in the form of a plastic keyring. For almost 15 years, skateboard enthusiasts from all over the world continued to develop it by hand and locally. It remained little-known until 2000, when the first plastic replicas hit the market, but still failed to bring the satisfaction of a fingerskateboard adapted to the discipline.

With the pioneers of the 90's such as Damien Bernadet, Tony Pauthex, Matt Jonhson and Martin Winkler, the technique evolved towards a professional dimension, and the phenomenon rapidly spread to today's five continents.

These visionaries of the miniature world played a crucial role in the evolution of the fingerskateboard discipline, and it was in 2006 that Close Up, with its "finest fingerskateboards" label, finally launched wooden boards specially designed for this practice.

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