Trigger 5 Spokes Freestyle Scooter Wheels 110mm 88A Neochrome Black x2


Pair of wheels with bearings, ideal for customising or replacing your freestyle scooter wheels. These 110 mm wheels combine lightness and robustness, offering the perfect combination of speed, responsiveness and manoeuvrability.

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Discover Trigger 5-Spokes wheels, a pair of high-performance wheels specially designed for street, skatepark and ramp freestyle scooters. 

These neochrome and black wheels, measuring 110mmx24mm with a hardness of 88A, are the ideal choice for demanding riders looking for the perfect combination of speed, responsiveness and maneuverability on all types of terrain.

The heart of these wheels is a 5-spoke 6061-T6 extruded aluminum core, offering optimum lightness without compromising strength. 

This innovative design allows better weight distribution, improving stability and control during tricks and tight turns. 

You'll appreciate the increased responsiveness of your scooter thanks to these high-quality wheels.

The polyurethane rubber used for Trigger 5-Spokes wheels is of the highest quality and is called "Super High Rebound". 

With an impressive 85% rebound rate, this rubber ensures exceptional grip and better shock absorption during your jumps and landings. 

So you can push your limits with confidence and enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride.

Thanks to their standard profile and 88A hardness, Trigger 5-Spokes 110mm wheels are versatile and perfectly suited to a variety of environments. 

Whether you're riding on smooth skatepark surfaces or rougher street surfaces, these wheels will deliver consistent, reliable performance.

To complete this high-quality package, Trigger 5-Spokes wheels are supplied with Trigger Precision Abec 9 Standard 8 bearings and an 8mm internal spacer. 

These bearings ensure smooth, fast wheel rotation, while the internal spacer helps reduce friction and preserve the durability of your bearings.

This wheelset comes complete with bearings, giving you a complete solution for upgrading or customizing your freestyle scooter. 

Whether you're a novice rider looking to improve your skills or a seasoned pro in search of performance, Trigger 5-Spokes wheels will meet your expectations and accompany you through your most intense freestyle sessions.

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Data sheet

Diameter of wheels
4.33" / 110 mm
The width of the wheels
0.94" / 24 mm
Hardness of wheels
Profiles of wheels
Standard profile with 8 mm riding surface
Quality of wheels
Very high quality polyurethane : 85% SHR (Super High Rebound)
Wheels core material
Extruded aluminum 6061-T6
Models of Rolling
Trigger Precision ABEC 9 Bearings
The size of the rolls
608 standard
Type of rolling
2RS: 2 nylon flanges for total sealing
Rubber color
Core color
Silk Screen
Weight of the product
215g (unit)
Practice level
All levels
Frequency of practice
All frequencies
Product condition
2 years
In stock

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