Trigger Level Aggressive Skate Wheels 59mm / 90A White x4


Customize your inline skates with the Trigger Level premium 4-wheel pack. Take advantage of the latest technology for maximum stability and grip while practicing aggressive inline skating on any surface, be it street, skatepark or ramp. Designed for skateboarders, this product is suitable for frequent and intensive use.

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The Trigger Level white aggressive rollerblade wheels in 59mm / 90A are a great choice for rollerblading enthusiasts.

They are made with a high quality rubber called Super High Rebound, which has an 85% rebound rate.

This rubber offers exceptional grip on all surfaces, allowing skaters to feel safe and in control while performing impressive tricks.

The high quality polycarbonate core prevents expansion over time, ensuring optimal long term performance.

Trigger Level wheels are designed to be versatile and can be used for street, skatepark or ramp riding.

The flat profile of these wheels with 10mm of glide surface offers absolute stability and grip, which is essential for aggressive skating.

Trigger Level aggressive skate wheels are a great choice for skaters of all levels.

Skaters can perform complex tricks with confidence, knowing that their wheels are designed to meet their demands.

With their premium rubber, stretch-resistant polycarbonate core, versatility and flat profile for absolute stability and grip, these wheels offer everything skaters need to push themselves to new levels of performance.

They are sold as a set of 4 wheels, offering skaters a complete solution to replace or customize their inline skates.

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Data sheet

Diameter of wheels
2.32" / 59 mm
Hardness of wheels
Profiles of wheels
Round profile with 10 mm riding surface
Quality of wheels
Very high quality polyurethane : 85% SHR (Super High Rebound)
Wheel core diameter
1" / 27 mm
Wheels core material
Core color
Product weight
Practice level
All levels
Frequency of practice
All frequencies
Product condition
2 years
In stock

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