QuGear Bearings ABEC 9 2RS x16


16 QuGear ABEC 9 bearings in chrome steel for urban and extreme sports. Very high precision manufacturing bearings with excellent speed performance.

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QuGear ABEC 9 608 RS bearings have been designed for urban sliding sports and extreme sports such as rollerblading, scootering and skateboarding.

With an ABEC9 quality tolerance class, the chrome steel balls of the QuGear ABEC 9 bearings ensure very high axis rotation accuracy and allow very high speed possibilities.The bearing ring is made of chrome steel to give you rock-solid impact resistance and durability against wear.

The cage around the balls is made of nylon to prevent corrosion and increase the life of the bearings whatever the weather conditions.

QuGear ABEC 9 bearings are made with 1 nylon plastic flange sealed against dust, splashing water, and moisture on the outside, to reduce any risk of corrosion and dirt, as well as for maintenance easy by simple vertical movement of a cutter blade, and on one side open on the inner face of the bearing, for less friction and therefore more speed.

QuGear ABEC 9 bearings are oil lubricated to deliver increased speed performance through maximum fluidity that ensures high bearing rotational speed while also providing heat dissipation, protecting the balls from heat and limiting wear.

608 size bearings, compatible with 8mm or smaller diameter axles.

Sold in packs of 16 bearings for 8 wheels.

Maintenance :
After riding in the water, squeeze the water out of the bearings by spinning them empty and clean the shields with a dry cloth. If you hear the balls spinning or if dirt is slowing the rotation of the bearings, disassemble the wheels, remove the shields with a cutter, let the bearings soak in a degreaser or cleaning fluid for 24 hours, empty the inside by turning them empty, then add a drop of oil between the balls before reassembling the shields and degreasing the outside of the bearings with a dry cloth.

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Data sheet

The size of the rolls
608 standard
Class of Rolling Tolerance
Type of rolling
RS: 1 nylon flange and an open side for less friction
Bearing lubricated with oil
Name of Bills
7 balls
Material of the balls
Chrome steel
Materials of the cage
Material of the Ring
Chrome steel
Weight of the product
11g (unit)
Practice level
Beginner to advanced
Frequency of practice
Occasional to regular
Product condition
2 years
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